At The Good Death Experience, We Are Reimagining The End-of-Life Journey


Lessons Learned From Covid-19 Pandemic

No one should die alone.

Everyone is deserving of a “Good Death.”

No one wants to be a burden on their family. 

The experience of death should be positive, as good as possible for everyone Involved, under the circumstances.

Those of us who are fortunate to have survived the pandemic, still have the opportunity “now” to get our end-of life business together.

Having a “GDE” Plan gets us one step closer to making sure that those involved in our care, such as our healthcare team, caregivers and our loved ones have a Good Death Experience.

A “Good Death Experience” is the final gift we can give to our loved ones.

Covid-19 Impact on Young Americans

What You Should Know:

“According to a study by 2021, Wills and Estate Planning Study found that middle- and older- aged adults are less likely to have a will now than they were just one year ago, while younger adults are 63% more likely to have one this year than they were pre-pandemic.”

“There has been a greater focus on estate planning by younger Americans due to COVID-19,”  Shockingly, 18–34-year-olds are now 16% more likely to have a will than those in the 35-54 age group. The younger generation was also the most likely to cite COVID-19 as the reason they started taking estate planning seriously.”

“Despite COVID-19, the overall percentage of Americans with a Will has not significantly changed.”

“In our 2021 wills survey, we found that while the COVID-19 pandemic has increased people’s desire to get a will (35% saw a greater need), the overall percentage of people with a will hasn’t changed since last year – 2 out of 3 still don’t have crucial estate planning documents.”

“In the wake of COVID-19, it’s important to provide the education to help Americans both see the need and understand what steps to take to ensure that they have a proper estate plan in place.”

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