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Kaleo Wheeler

Kaleo Wheeler, End-of-Life Consultant

A Peaceful Sacred Death
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Area served: Spartanburg/Greenville SC

Virtual or in-person consultations can be held before and after death if preferred.

In person meetings only for doula ceremony, music, and vigil “active dying phase.”

Kaleo Wheeler is a Death Doula, End-of-Life Consultant and Death Educator with over 30 years of experience. She has extensive training that enables her to ease everyone’s fear of death so they can see its beauty instead.

Kaleo apprenticed to a Native American Shaman for 14 years and shares a Crossing Over Ceremony that creates a peaceful and calm passing.  In her consulting and educating, she incorporates her 30 years of experience with the Hawaiian Spiritual practices of seeing death simply as a “Change of Address”, when the Spirit is ready to return home.  As we grieve the loss of their physical form and presence, at the same time, we still have access to their Spiritual form, who can guide and help us, just in a different way.

She is also a certified Therapeutic Music Practitioner through the Music for Healing and Transformation Program, where she uses her singing voice and harp to play at the bedside to help the body to let go and the spirit to move on.  Kaleo has worked in hospices, nursing homes, and the private sector.  In addition, she has assisted her mother, friends, and several of her fur babies to have a good and peaceful death, as well as continuing to communicate with them and feel their presence afterward.

When someone is dying, she helps them have a peaceful and good death, knowing they are just “changing address” in going back to their spiritual form. Despite what may seem like an end, she helps their families embrace this opportunity to be present for what is a truly life-changing experience – and to see that this is not an end, but just a continuation.

Kaleo draws upon both ancient Spiritual Indigenous practices, with their beliefs about birth, life, and death, as well as modern practices with music and sound healing. Kaleo’s teaching is grounded in the Ancient Hawaiian Spiritual Teachings she received from her teacher, Kumu Mahealani Kuamo’o Henry, a native Hawaiian. It’s simply that we are Spiritual Beings who have chosen to be a part of this human experience to grow and evolve even more into our Spiritual Greatness, through our human relationships with one another. There is no particular dogma associated with this ancient universal law. On the contrary, it compliments it.

Kaleo's Services

End of Life Consultant

Through the ancient indigenous spiritual teachings, helping both the loved one and their family to understand and be comfortable when it is time for the loved one to “change address” back to Spirit.  To help them all realize that this is not an end, but a continuation.  The most important word is love that will continue to hold them together in Spirit beyond the human form.  Also, it helps them to release the words “end” and “closure”.  No closure, just continuation.  It is for all of them, and especially to help the loved one to be free of fear, to know that they will all still be together, just with the loved one having a new address. 

A Crossing-Over Ceremony

Ceremonies and Rite of Passage are a beautiful way for the loved one upon passing to be in calmness and peace, as well as allowing the family to share this sacred and beautiful experience with them. In this tradition, there is a soul and a spirit, and the spirit leaves at the moment of death, and the soul leaves 5-6 hours later.  There is evidence that show these times result in weight loss.  It is important to allow the body to remain in the same place until these two parts can join together in the spirit realm to then move on. It is a wonderful and powerful time for family and friends, both young and old, to gather and tell their stories to honor and remember their loved Ones as they celebrate their “new address”.

Live Music at the Bedside

Singing and playing harp with songs that help the loved one’s body to let go and the spirit to “change address”.

Death Educator

To help diffuse the fear around death that is so prevalent in our western culture, that keeps us from having the incredible and sacred experience of going through this powerful experience together with their loved one.  It is truly life changing.  Kaleo does this by sharing her personal stories and teaching about the Hawaiian ancient tradition, to help people to be comfortable to be there for their loved one’s death and for it to be a good one in joy and celebration.  It is also for them to know they will still feel their grief and physical loss, but they can also continue to be in relationship with them, just through Spirit talk – a different form of communication, sharing tools and teachings to help them to do this. 

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