At The Good Death Experience, We Are Reimagining The End-of-Life Journey


Embracing the Hummingbird: Why It’s Our Brand Choice and How Our Colors Symbolize the Good Death Experience.

At the core of our mission, the Good Death Experience lies the graceful and vibrant hummingbird. In our exploration of the end-of-life journey, we inevitably encounter a spectrum of emotions and uncertainties. It’s a topic shrouded in myths, fears, and avoidance – one that we all must eventually confront.

Our Compelling Visual Identity

Our hummingbird logo, adorned with these vibrant and meaningful colors, alongside the tagline “Reimagining the End-of-Life Journey,” creates a compelling visual identity for the Good Death Experience. This combination captures the very essence of our movement, conveying a sense of beauty, compassion, and positivity in the face of a profound life transition.

By adopting the hummingbird as our symbol and incorporating these vibrant colors into our brand, we send a powerful message: We are committed to transforming and enhancing the way society perceives and experiences the end of life. Our vision is one of dignity, hope, and a more compassionate approach to this inevitable journey.

Why the Hummingbird?

Imagine a delicate hummingbird, gracefully flitting about. It’s not merely a creature of beauty, it carries great significance regarding death and what might await beyond it. Across various cultures, hummingbirds are viewed as messengers of impending death, but they also serve as a poignant reminder, that death is not the end, it’s the start of an eternal journey.

The hummingbird often embodies a messenger from Heaven, offering solace in the knowledge that our loved ones who have passed on are safe and content in divine care. These qualities make the hummingbird an ideal symbol for encapsulating the essence of the Good Death Experience – a movement dedicated to reimagining the end of life with compassion, dignity, and hope.

The Vivid Colors of Our Hummingbird

The vibrant palette of colors associated with the GDE hummingbird – purple, gold, pink, green, and white – holds profound symbolism that seamlessly aligns with our vision of transforming the end-of-life journey.

Purple: Representing spirituality and transformation, it signifies the deep and often spiritual changes that accompany the approach of life’s end.

Gold: Symbolizing value and enlightenment, it speaks to the intrinsic worth of each person’s life story and the enlightenment born from embracing the end of life with grace.

Pink: Conveying love and compassion, reminds us that even in the face of death, love and compassion can be our guiding lights.

Green: Signifying growth and renewal, it mirrors the hummingbird’s quest for nourishment from flowers, illustrating that individuals approaching the end of life can find growth and sustenance in their connections.

White: Representing purity and peace, it serves as a reminder that, in life’s final moments, purity and peace can be found, free from pain and suffering.

Embracing Our New Brand Identity

In the hummingbird and its vibrant colors, you’ll find a powerful representation of our mission and values here at the Good Death Experience. We are on a mission to provide comfort, support, and dignity to individuals and their loved ones throughout the end-of-life journey. By embracing the symbolism and colors of the hummingbird, we aim to instill a sense of hope, beauty, and positivity when facing the end of life.

We are dedicated to redefining what a “Good Death” means – a meaningful, compassionate, and graceful experience for all. Join us in celebrating and embracing the hummingbird and the end-of-life journey with open hearts and open minds.

Charon Collier

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