At The Good Death Experience, We Are Reimagining The End-of-Life Journey


Get A Complimentary GDE Planner and Journal: Your Personalized Guide to a Good Death Experience.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, one topic often remains in the shadows, unspoken and overlooked – end-of-life planning. However, we firmly believe that this conversation deserves a spotlight. At The Good Death Experience, our mission is to empower individuals and their loved ones to engage in open, thoughtful discussions about end-of-life preferences.

To support this mission, we are excited to introduce you to “A Gift to My Loved Ones “Good Death Experience (GDE) Planner and Journal.

Navigating the path toward a Good Death Experience is a journey that involves not only practical considerations but also emotional and spiritual reflections. It’s about ensuring your end-of-life wishes are known, respected, and honored. Our complimentary GDE Planner and Journal is designed to assist you on this journey, offering guidance, structure, and a safe space for self-reflection.

Why a GDE Planner and Journal?

Planning for the end of life can be an overwhelming task, filled with uncertainties and emotions. Often, it’s a conversation that people put off until it’s too late. That’s where the GDE Planner and Journal come in – and act as your personal companions, helping you initiate and navigate these essential discussions.


  1. Comprehensive Guidance: Our GDE Planner goes beyond being a simple end-of-life planner. It’s a comprehensive guide and journal rolled into one. It serves as a starting point for creating your personalized GDE Plan, covering various aspects, including medical preferences, financial considerations, and emotional reflections.


  1. Encouraging Conversations: The GDE Planner encourages open and honest communication with your loved ones. It serves as a catalyst for initiating those challenging conversations that often go unaddressed. By using the GDE Planner, you’re taking a proactive approach to engage in crucial discussions about end-of-life matters.


  1. Practical and Emotional Support: We understand the importance of both practical considerations and emotional well-being in end-of-life planning. The GDE Planner recognizes this by organizing vital information and providing an outlet for self-reflection. It allows you not only to ensure that necessary arrangements are in place but also to find solace and understanding in expressing your thoughts, hopes, and fears about the end-of-life journey.


  1. Preserving Your Legacy: By securing a copy of the GDE Planner for yourself and your loved ones, you’re equipping your family with a valuable resource to navigate the complexities of end-of-life. It goes beyond practical considerations and serves as a meaningful keepsake, preserving your legacy and intentions.


  1. Gift of Knowledge and Hope: A “Good Death Experience” is our final gift to our loved ones. The GDE Planner provides a structured guide to help them explore their own wishes, document important decisions, and effectively communicate their desires.


How to Get Your Complimentary GDE Planner and Journal

Obtaining your complimentary GDE Planner and Journal is easy and takes just a few simple steps:


  1. Take the GDE Survey: Start by taking our GDE Survey. This survey is designed to help uncover any gaps in your end-of-life planning and serves as a conversation starter. It’s an opportunity to reflect on your end-of-life wishes and preferences.


  1. Receive Your GDE Planner: Upon completing the survey, you will automatically receive your FREE GDE Planner and Journal sent to your email. This valuable resource will serve as your starting point for meaningful end-of-life discussions and planning.


  1. Complimentary GDE Evaluation: If your survey responses indicate gaps in your planning or specific areas of concern, you will be eligible for a 30-minute Complimentary GDE Evaluation Session with our end-of-life consultants. This session will provide you with guidance and support tailored to your needs.


Planning for a Good Death Experience is not just about end-of-life logistics, it’s about creating a legacy of care and consideration. It’s about ensuring your final wishes are known and honored, providing peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

We invite you to take the first step in this profound journey by taking the GDE Survey. Start the conversation today, and let the GDE Planner and Journal be your foundation for meaningful discussions, comfort, and guidance.

Together, we can empower ourselves for a thoughtful tomorrow, where every individual’s end-of-life wishes are respected and celebrated.

Remember, the gift of a Good Death Experience is our final gift to our loved ones. Secure your GDE Planner and Journal now and embark on a journey of knowledge, hope, and preparation.


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Charon Collier

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