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Dear Valued Readers,

I’m thrilled to announce the start of the pre-order phase for my upcoming book, offering you an exclusive opportunity to be among the first to access this highly anticipated work before its official release.

Preordering isn’t just about early access; it’s about joining something special:

  • Exclusive Content: Preorders will also receive exclusive bonuses, such as bonus chapters and author insights.
  • Support the Author: Your preorder shows invaluable support for the author’s hard work.
  • Community Access: Join a community of fellow early readers, sharing your excitement and thoughts.
  • Surprise Elements: Expect surprises like sneak peeks, signed copies, event and podcast invitations.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of my book’s journey. Secure your preorder today, and thank you for your continued enthusiasm. I can’t wait for you to read my book!

Anticipated shipping is set for Spring 2025, and with all pre-orders, we will keep you notified with pre-launch and author updates!

We kindly ask for your understanding that pre-orders are non-refundable.

Happy Preordering!

Charon Collier

The Good Death Experience

GDE Hummingbird: Our Mission to One Million Death Doulas!

At GDE, we are passionately dedicated to a mission: to educate, certify, and train one million Death Doulas over the next decade. This noble mission can be accomplished with your support and our tireless effort and commitment.

Why the Hummingbird?

Much like the graceful hummingbird, which flits from flower to flower, bringing life and vibrancy to the world, our mission is to bring light, comfort, and compassion to those facing the end of life. The hummingbird represents agility, support, and the power to make a difference, just like our dedicated Death Doulas.

We are launching our GDE Hummingbird Program in Spring of 2025. Your contribution to the will help us launch this transformative initiative and continue our mission, striving to ensure that no one faces the end of life alone, in fear, or without the support they deserve.

Our GDE Death Doula Certification Program has been meticulously crafted with a goal in mind: to provide those with the passion for entering the end-of-life profession the opportunity and comprehensive knowledge and essential skills they need to make a difference in the lives of others.

If you share our commitment to this noble cause, we invite you to contribute and become a GDE Hummingbird Supporter. You can make a meaningful impact on an Aspiring Death Doula’s journey. Many people feel a deep calling to this work but do not have the financial resources available to pursue it. Your contribution can help turn their aspirations into reality.

Every contribution, regardless of amount, strengthens our ability to train and support dedicated Death Doulas who bring comfort, dignity, and compassion to those in their end-of-life journey. Your generous gift to the GDE Hummingbird Program directly supports our mission’s impact.

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