At The Good Death Experience, We Are Reimagining The End-of-Life Journey

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The Good Death Experience

“Journey from Hospice Volunteer to Death Doula”

“Death Doula work was an intuitive decision for me after volunteering for hospice for nearly a decade. Once I truly understood the concept of “Doula,” I realized that it is and has always been an inherent part of who I am, which I incorporate into all aspects of my existence daily without realizing it. I am naturally drawn to serving others in a way that makes a significant difference in their lives—aiming to be present, open-minded, understanding, and compassionate to alleviate distress for those along my journey. My journey from hospice volunteer to death doula was essential in helping me reconnect with my true self and life path. I have always been a doula at heart.” 

Author:  Charon Collier

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